The people behind the magic

Hello friends,

We are those behind the scenes. The ones traveling far and wide searching for the most unique pieces to bring to our collection. We sand, paint, refinish, and market all of our pieces with love.

This business is not only our dream but bears our hearts and souls aswell.

We thank you for being a part of that.

Meet the Owner

Eliza Page

From a young age Eliza has always had a love for interior design. After spending seven years in the furniture industry working directly with customers she decided that it was time she opened her own shop. Eliza has always had an affinity for antique furniture, specify the mid century modern aesthetic.

By creating this shop Eliza has been able to combine her love for antique furniture, interior design, and lowering her environmental impact all into one beautiful business!

Meet the right hand man

John Fioravanti

John has been with us since day one. We connected through our love for atomic styles and clean lines. John does a little bit of everything and has become a vital part of our business.